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Content Mix: What Makes A Good Copy

It has become evident with the time that a good content piece is the content that resonates with the reader, shows authority of the writer. It is also the piece of writing which is very authoritative in how it explains the subjects and how it calls for action. These components became the foundations for any good copy that lives online.

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Crisis Deep Dive: Seeing A Business Opportunity During “Obscure” Times

Should businesses long for the days of normal, or rather adapt and find in this new virtual reality a place to grow? It is the matter of putting marketing knowledge and managerial skills to make virtual commerce work and generate not less cash than from in-store sales. Each crisis sends us a signal that we have to re-think the given and move forward to build a more stable future.

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Qué Significa El Contenido En Los Negocios Modernos

“¿Qué es el contenido?” – es una pregunta simple. Lo más probable es que todos lo escuchamos. Entonces, en el sentido general de contenido, son los materiales que contiene cualquier plataforma electrónica, material impreso. La razón por la que se está volviendo cada vez más popular y relevante es porque las empresas se volvieron virtuales y el contenido permite impulsar el éxito empresarial, atraer nuevos clientes y construir un puente de entendimiento entre las partes interesadas y las empresas. La creación de contenido es importante no solo para las grandes corporaciones. Por el contrario, es un medio poderoso para las pequeñas y medianas empresas. No comprometa la calidad de su contenido y el retorno de la inversión valdrá la pena. Continuar la leida

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Order, Time Investment, And Attention: A Recipe For Business Success

The management of any type of work is quite a complex thing. Very often knowledge about the area of business one deals with is not sufficient to get the job done. This proves a general managerial concept, that soft skills and the correct organization of work setting have even more impact on final result than factual knowledge. Recently, there is much research done about the role of order in business papers and business settings in which the individual works. The order is the first concept that incorporates to success in accomplishing the task. Time investment goes next. It is proven, that regardless the complexity of work, it requires a good investment of time. The last notion comes to the concept of paying attention. It can seem obvious that each job requires attention, but this principle of work is often neglected. Looking closer into these principles will allow to understand the importance of each. Continue reading…

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How To Develop Creative Thinking

Creativity in any business, arts, or artisanry is a big power, if deployed well. It is worth time and money to contribute to the development of such a powerful human ability. Creativity, as a phenomenon, does not know the age, religion, societal barriers. It can be successfully stimulated by every person. A more creative person is psychologically happier person, meaning physically healthier person. Continue reading…

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Product Customization Made Simple

Product differentiation can be achieved with the unique wording presented on the label of the product. Words allow to create psychological connection with the customer and make him remember the brand longer. Wording allows to tell the corporate story and share core corporate values with the client.