Clients’ Loyalty to the Brand: Content Marketing Perspective

Content Marketing fuels brand awareness.
Content Marketing fuels brand awareness.
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The phenomenon of clients loyalty became the subject of discussion across many academic and business disciplines. The companies pay attention to the logics of formation of customers loyalty and its further impact on purchasing decisions. There is definitely a psychological mechanism that lies beyond the formation of this unique feeling of belonging. Customers loyalty is not easy to form. It requires from a company many efforts and the right scope of messaging. 

The customers’ loyalty is largely based on several principles. They ensure that this feeling will be formed in the consciousness of the client. Namely, these are: 

  • Constant contact. As we would love to establish the emotional connection with a member of our family, we need to keep a constant contact with the client. It allows to establish the relationships quicker and to build the above mentioned loyalty. 
  • Positive messaging and objective facts. The company talking to its client has to believe in the success of its own business and deliver positive messages to the clients. In case of any difficulties, that may obviously happen with any business, the company has to present to its audience objective facts, subject to objective analysis. This will form the trust and establish understanding. 
  • Provide regular updates on business activities. Any company is a legal entity that lives similar life to any human being body. In the course of its activity it develops, adapts, fails, succeeds. The insights on these events have to be regularly published. The customers have to have access to the content on corporate news. 
  • Tie to a client. Providing content on commercial developments and industry news will not create the necessary ties for a fine connection between the company and the client. The client’s loyalty is formed by different factors, that will be discussed further in this article. 
  • Sharing. The company has to know to share the fruits of its business with the clients. This is done also with the help of loyalty programs. These programs can have many different structures. They have to show that company shares clients’ preferences, passions…  A loyalty program is not only a product for free. It is much more, that at the end of the day has to tie a client better to a company. 

These principles make it possible to form the loyalty at different groups of consumers. Clients’ loyalty is also deeply tied to the concept of brand awareness and brand loyalty. 

Baseline Of Clients’ Loyalty

A true brand earns clients' loyalty.
A true brand earns clients’ loyalty.
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In the modern economy the choice of the products and services exceeds the expectations of the clients. It makes it harder for a company to catch the attention of the client and to make him or her tied to its particular service or a product. To better disclose the concept, it is good to understand what forms the clients loyalty. The two basic factors are the basis of it:

  • Product. So to say the quality of the product. Consumers want to make sure they buy the good of a higher quality. Product is one of the key, but the only element. Correct marketing mix influences final purchasing decisions and makes consumers feel tied to a brand. Relevant price for a fine product that is sold at the right place with the fine advertisement is what has a big impact on whether the client feels tied to a product or not. Marketing mix elements still appeal only to practical need of the client to buy a better good at better price at a comfortable to reach place. This does not decide for the fact that the person will become loyal to a company. Another factor plays a far important role in formation of a feeling of belonging.
  • Values and responsibilities. Corporate values is what drives the business forward and limits or encourages the key corporate decisions. The values are what influence the decision of the client to become a loyal to a specific brand. Each customer has his values, be it attitude to legal commerce, sustainable future or diversity at the working place. The value is what the company wants to achieve as the result of the redundant business activity, and it can not be just a profit.

From the psychological point of view, the loyalty to a brand is more influenced by the degree of involvement of the client to the corporate values. The above mentioned concepts influence on final purchasing decisions of the customers. 

CSR: Sharing With The Community The Corporate Values 

Traditionally, many companies communicate its corporate values with the help of Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns. It is quite easy to do and it allows to keep the track of all the ongoing activities. CSR also has to correlate with the code of conduct. Mission, vision  are also tied to CSR activities of the company and the execution of the CSR projects. Showing to the clients the corporate value and communicating them via CSR programs this is what allows to form the loyalty to the brand. If the person becomes loyal to a brand, he can take a purchasing decisions that will be beneficial for a company ad engage constantly. 

It takes efforts and financing to get the loyal client but it will allow for a company to get the support of the community and get a stable income over the years. One loyal client is better than many one-time customers for the majority of businesses. 

Content Marketing As A Tool To Form Clients’ Loyalty

Content online is what helps the companies to reach the customers any time, meaning to keep a stable contact with them. It allows to deliver the content and communicates positive messages. The content writing also makes it possible to deliver industry news on the constant basis. The distribution channels that work for the content marketing strategy allow to reach corporate content from any type of the device, via social media channel or a regular corporate blog. Content marketing, meaning posting materials, elaboration of interactive campaigns online make it possible to communicate the corporate values and build the loyalty of the clients.

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