How To Choose Appropriate Lexics For A Text

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Each writer has a personal sense of writing style. There are some commonly used styles, but a true writer is valuable for individual specifics no one else can introduce into a text. Though, there are some rules concerning lexis, texts’ words, that can be helpful to follow. Words for texts have to be chosen respectively for the type of copy you write. It is always important to keep in mind for what reasons the copy is created. Here are the most common examples of texts’ goals:

  • A post to a blog. This is a very commonly reason for writing a text. It is usually used both by individuals and by companies. Individuals do that to fill in their blogs. A different reason applies for the companies. They often hire a copywriter, who writes a blog post on a popular media source. It is done with the aim to attract additional audience about the issue described. It is also  good way to explain the matters that are product-related.
  • A landing page. This type of writing is a must for companies. These can be both real entities and business that operate only online. The landing page is very important for each company. It gives clients the first impression about the company. The way this writing samples influences the reader will define largely whether he will decide to buy a product or a service.
  • A guest post. Such posts are usually prepaid. They aim to attract larger target audience to a company’s new product or service. Such posts are placed on different internet platforms.

These are some of the most common writing copies. For each one, a unique selection of words should be used. It is a bad idea to write a blog post using the same words as for the landing page. It simply will not be efficient.

Words Choice For A Blog Post

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Today many among us have a personal blog. It provides an opportunity to express one’s opinions and to update online community with the interesting facts about one’s life. If a blog post is written for such reasons, it may, definitely, contain a very simple vocabulary. Here are some principles to use:

  • Use words that have one meaning. If you want to make a text to become understandable to the audience, keep it as simple as possible. One meaning words will help a lot to achieve this goal.
  • Avoid two complicated metaphors. There is no need to use too complicated language. It will hardly make the readers more involved. Straightforward words usually have a better effect on people than metaphoric forms of the words.
  • Do not use professionalisms, and other words that are common for specific professional group members. Reading a personal  blog post needs to be as easy-going as it can be. The main reason for it is the audience. If the blog is not dedicated to concrete professional group (e.x. financial specialists), professional words will create a confusion rather than a pleasure reading them.
  • Do not divide a thought into two parts. It is simply essential. Try to finalize one thought in one sentence. Do not develop one simple idea in 1 page post. Concise content is a must in today’s days.

These are the tips that will be useful for the writers of personal blog posts. A different story happens when we talk about a corporate blog post. There are some features that will characterize it:

  • It will tackle corporate issues. It means it will contain much data about the company, scope of its business.
  • It will be industry related. Each company operates in a concrete sector. So, each copy will be  related to that specific industry in one way or another.
  • It has different types of audiences. These are the stakeholders of the company. In other words, these are individuals and entities that may have certain interest in company’s business. The life and functionality of these individuals and entities is affected in a certain way by company’s business.

So, writing a corporate blog post is a very responsible thing. The copywriter who can not simply describe a product. He has to be well-aware of many facts about the company. Here are the details each good writer has to keep in mind when he writes for a corporate body:

  • Mission and vision of the company. We live in an era when Corporate Social Responsibility is crucial. The reflection of its principles can always be found in mission and vision of a business. It is important that a writer deeply understands them. This will help him/her a lot to craft a copy. It will help to find a right angle on how to describe a particular product launch or any type of business failure.
  • Corporate strategy. This strategy is not about the cifras only. It fact, it tells about more interesting things. It allows to understand what goals the business puts in terms of CSR, revenue and stakeholder benefits. This scope has to be reflected in every copy crafted for the company.

Crafting A Copy For A Corporate Blog

Evidently, to craft a copy for corporate blog posts is a different thing than writing for an individual blog. Among the others. it also requires different words to be used:

  • Use professionalisms. A corporate blog always looks better when the terms and words from the particular industry are used. They show the professional level of the company and impress the clients in a very positive manner.
  • Do not overuse terms. These tricky words are nice to use but not extensively. If used in a big amount, they will make a text to hard to perceive. This will make the stakeholders unhappy about reading a text. It will be become too time-consuming activity for them.
  • Mix the lexis. Basically, mix words from everyday language with professionals. It has to be done of course wisely, but this principle will help to create a copy understandable for everyone.
  • Remember about the goal. Businesses always order blog posts for some specific reasons. This can be an informative one, or persuasive one… Depending on the main goal of writing a post, it is good to choose the words differently. It is a well-known fact the words can attract, persuade… So, play with words in a wise manner.

For business copies, except of words choice, it is particularly important to keep the structure. A well-structured text attracts audience better than long sentences without paragraphs and bullet point. More information about how to structure the text you may find here. Words choice is crucial to make a copy a success. It is all the matter of practice. Every person with a special training can succeed in it!  Words choice for guest posts and landing pages will be discussed in the next posts coming soon! Share your thoughts with us! Add a comment!

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