How Worth It Is Developing an Individual Style

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The discussion on issue of individualism in copywriting is quite intensive. Copywriters often doubt if there is certain pattern according to which one should write. There is no concrete answer to this question. What is, nevertheless, important to understand that individualism in writing style always matters. It has, of course, to be balanced. The best is to keep balance between patterned and creative writing.

What Copies’ Genres Allow Creativity

Writing with any medium is a creative process.
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Copywriting in every form of it is much about creativity. No matter what a writer writes: a blog post, a landing page or a guest post there is always a creativity element that has to be present. It is important to understand to which extend each copy permits expressing individual style. Here are some examples to analyze:

  • Product reviews. This is one of the most conservative writing genres in copywriting. These pieces have usually to be short, concrete and written according to a pattern. It is the case if it is a quick and concise review, that is placed close to the product image on web page. There is another type of product review. It is a full text article. Producers usually order such copy and place it as a full text description of a good. Such a piece is also quite concise. More creative pieces can be written for blog posts or personal reviews. Such texts are usually written by bloggers. Those materials are easier to read. Such a text perfectly permits and even requires an individual writing style. Much depends on how simply and comprehensively the author will describe the idea. Such a copy still has to contain material about a good, but it also has to show personal point of view of a writer about it.
  • Blog posts. These are one of the most popular copies produced today. Internet is full of blog posts. Such copies have to be written as creatively as possible. It is a rule of thumb: if a writer wants to become successful he has to write in an individualistic manner. The more individualistic the manner of writing is, the better. Though, it is important to remember that it is always good to write the copies in a refined style. The copywriter has to know to choose the right words and to make them organically connected in one sentence. It is not that easy. It is important to write as many copies as possible to develop an individual style.
  • Guest posts. These posts are usually paid by a company. There are plenty of requirements put to produce such a copy. The author should, first of all, analyze the web source he writes for. That is very important. Reading of several posts on the webpage will make the person understand what standards the given website applies. It does not mean that the author has to give up individual manner of writing. It rather means he has to adjust. If a writer produces a copy for a business portal, there is a need to be serious in writing. In case sarcastic sentences have to be used, they have to be socially accepted in the society. The same concerns jokes usage. There are many jokes that can be misunderstood by the readers depending on their religion, nationality etc. That is always good to remember about it.
  • Landing pages. These copies are not easy to write. They have to be produced after an analysis of a company. It is important to feel the company’s spirit. Today more and more companies offer not only products or services. They offer certain values. It is important to underline these values in the copy. This will attract people’s attention more than detailed description of products characteristics. Here is when individual style is important. It takes certain mastery to craft a copy the way it will exactly reflect company’s values and sell the product (services) at the same way.

These are short recommendations on how to craft different types of copywriters. It is important to make a short analysis before a writer writes a copy. It will help to understand to what extent creativity is permitted in the given copy.

Required Analysis

It is impossible for a copywriter to create a copy, unless he clearly understands the task. It means he has to evaluate certain parameters before writing. Here are important characteristics that have to be evaluated:

  • Type of a copy. The writer has to understand clearly what type of copy he has to produce.
  • The client. Should it be a company or a web portal it is important to understand what its business is about. It is also important to evaluate key activities that a given organization realizes. Without it it is impossible to understand how to adjust personal writing style.
  • Audience. The text has always its audience. It is necessary to understand what the audience is looking for. People can be looking for a good piece of advice in the blog post. They also often need to hear a friendly voice. If a writer writes a landing page, the situation is different.The copywriter will be able to present the good, service and the company by itself in the most favorable way. The writing style has to modify. It has to be quite objective.
  • The education level of readers. That is a very important criteria. When the writer writes a text it has to be understood by people who read it. One idea can be expressed in many different ways and with different words. There are certain schemes for audience analysis. If a copywriter has to write for an informative portal it is better to use official lexis. There can be used some Latin and Greek words. If the writer crafts copy for a luxury brand, the sentence structure has to attract a client. It has to be unique. The author can choose by himself if he wants to use short or long sentences. What is important such a sentence has to attract attention. It has to have certain intellectual component and make a person realize he buys a unique good.

These are the parts of a very basic analysis. For a professional copywriter it takes some minutes to evaluate the audience, company potential and to determine a unique style. Each copy for every single company has to differ. It has to adapt to a client, audience. It is the only right way to succeed.

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