Product Customization Made Simple

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Product customizations allows to respond to the changing tastes of the consumers.
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The businesses find it quite complicated to customize the product and to adapt it to the needs of the customers. The offer on the market is rich, and that makes the life more difficult for the companies. The individualization of the good is a competitive advantage in the current days, as it allows to bring more customers. 

The businesses that have bigger financial potential are eager to customize the product technologically. New flavors, new packages are the most common ways to present the good in the new light to the customer. These are good product differentiators but they do not appeal to the psychology of the customer. Making a person memorize particular features of the good can be done by unique wording the business uses for its product. 

Wording on the package often allows to a company to pitch the good better than by proposing a brand new taste. Assigning unique words and phrases to the good has been used in slogans and catchy phrases for long. This is still popular among many businesses but that is not the only way to polish the final good or service. The better way is to introduce unique words that will describe the particular product or a service in a unique way.

A Product Vision Reflected In Wording 

The market is very tight. The majority of the needs the people have, are satisfied and the only thing that is left to do is to sell not the product by itself but a unique feeling, a special perception or certain emotion. The emotional connection to the customer can be achieved  in many creative and diverse ways: 

  • Storytelling. Each company has a story behind it. The successful companies share the corporate story, and corporate vision. The vision of the company is largely reflected in the way the firms present the products to the customers. Telling a story on the package of the product is one of the easiest ways to attract the attention of the customer and establish the initial emotional connection with him. Each story that explains the product and the history of the good is much more than a common storytelling. It tells much about the company by itself, it’s values and its business philosophy. Today it matters, as the customers do not simply pick up the good from the shelf. The modern clients carefully read the text on the product label and focus on the key thesis. 
  • Special words to mark commonly used terms. Certain companies take a risk and use their own words to substitute commonly used terms. Unique wording is a fine flavor that will make every good memorable. Words that at a first glance do not sound common, explain better the business idea that lays behind the good. They better present unique corporate vision and mission. Special wording has to be implemented into the product management at a rational rate, meaning customized words should make smaller percentage of the overall good description. The larger part of wording should still be composed of commonly used words.
  • Classic slogans. Slogans have a fine impact on individuals as they are easy to memorize and to reproduce. The fine slogan becomes a good intangible asset for a company. It adds value to corporate assets and often becomes the key factor that makes the customer take the purchasing decision. 

Product differentiation by wordings brings a fine long-term corporate result. It allows to bring build a strong connection between the client and the company.

The Value Of A Steady Business Growth At A Slower Pace

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A slow but constant pace of growth is a recipe for a business continuity.
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The businesses that have a fine management keep an eye on their regular business activity and its steady growth. Such companies do not struggle to achieve the highest income immediately. Companies that do not follow that rule burn out in a couple of years. The rational approach of today, adopted by market leaders is to develop the business slowly. Such businesses want to get memorized. Potent companies aim to form strong brands and want their customers to remember something more than a corporate logo.

Visual picture is not enough anymore to communicate to the client. Wording comes in pair and allows to strengthen the corporate image in the eyes of the customers. Psychologically proven, that words have a form expressed in the word and the meaning. Every time the person sees the word it raises certain meaning in the human brain. It means the word that the firm uses to describe the product can have a larger impact on how the final client perceives the good and what emotions he starts to feel about it. 

The meaning each person put in a specific wording depends on his experience, level of education and social settings. It justifies the thought that companies should always struggle to explain what meaning they want to express by a word or phrase used. It can be achieved by adding audio or visual materials. 

Customization Is Not About A Product Only

The customers of today differentiate brands in  unique way. They rather appeal to their emotions when they hear a brand name than to the product the firm produces. Psychological perception of a company has to be polished not less than  a unique flavour of the product. The customers aim no more to support business that does not show the management practices of a firm. Clients want to buy goods from the company they know does not use child’s labour, is eco-friendly and works keeping in mind a final benefit for a society. 

The raise of CSR in a modern world is the best justification of the mentioned thought. The company have to learn to put money in the campaigns that bring benefits for the society, keep high ethics of business and create the products that communicate certain values to the customers. What is done on a corporate scale should never be kept in the shadow, but finely communicated to the shareholders. Firms that know to talk to the clients, and to cooperate with them rather than just to sell the good, win the business race and succeed long-term.

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