Cultural Patterns Often Influence Decision-Making

Cultural Patterns In Decision-Making

Cultural patters exist in every society. These are the models of thinking, of taking decisions that the natives follow. Some individuals learn to determine these “stamps” and break them, being able to behave in more subjective manner.

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Crisis Deep Dive: Seeing A Business Opportunity During “Obscure” Times

Should businesses long for the days of normal, or rather adapt and find in this new virtual reality a place to grow? It is the matter of putting marketing knowledge and managerial skills to make virtual commerce work and generate not less cash than from in-store sales. Each crisis sends us a signal that we have to re-think the given and move forward to build a more stable future.

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A Correlation Between A Matching Image And A Text

Delivering a message to the audience in the web is a task that requires creativity. The copywriter has to be creative in word choice, grammatical structure, and additional components of the posts. Words do help to the reader to understand the delivered message, but the effect of the written post can be reinforced by visual materials. A copy for web can be well complemented by an image. The last is to strongly correlate with the text. Placing purely decorative, not-related to the essence of the text image may seem simpler, but it is the solution that will not bring a positive end effect.

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Persuasive Writing

Being persuasive is equally important in oral and written communication. There is not a golden rule of how to sound rightly and become respected by crafting a copy in a certain way. Much in audience recognition depends on how interested and educated the audience is in the topic. Persuasion in writing is harder than in oral presentation. It requires a person’s well-though choice of lexis, very specific sentence structure. Additionally, the writer can hardly predict how the writing will be perceived and has no chance to adapt the message on the spot as it may occur in persuading orally.

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How To Develop Creative Thinking

Creativity in any business, arts, or artisanry is a big power, if deployed well. It is worth time and money to contribute to the development of such a powerful human ability. Creativity, as a phenomenon, does not know the age, religion, societal barriers. It can be successfully stimulated by every person. A more creative person is psychologically happier person, meaning physically healthier person. Continue reading…