Winter Traditions To Get Inspired By!

Winter is a wonderful season! It brings us joy, happiness and many reasons to celebrate. Winter traditions unite people, make them kinder and opener. There is one more special thing about winter season. It makes us believe in unreal. Winter customs seem to be so similar. At the same time they  differ a lot. People in the closeby countries do not know quite specific traditions of their neighbors. Though, many holiday customs are worth getting to know.

Unique holidays traditions can make one inspired. They can wake up not only curiosity but also creativity. It is important for our imagination to get to know new ways of celebrating well-known.

National Specifics

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There many customs that can be understood only if one knows particularities of a specific country. Quite often the traditions may seem unusual, but they still inspire. Here are several winter traditions to get to know about:

  • In Finland people spend much time in saunas. Sauna is very popular in Finnish and Russian cultures. Though, in Finland it is a must follow tradition to visit the place before New Year. It is good to know that many Finnish families have their own saunas at home. The place can be visited by the whole family. There is nothing more refreshing than a long sauna session plus a bucket of cold water afterwards.
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  • In Norway people believe witches are flying during the New Year Eve over the cities. This scares both adults and children. That is why the members of the family hide any types of swipes somewhere where a witch will not be able to find them.
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  • In Netherland a Sinterklaas should put presents or potato in the shoes of children. That is why kids put their shoes close to the fire. They expect the Santiklaas to bring them many small gifts.
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  • In Spain there exist a fine tradition that allows children to take care of a figure, called Tió de Nadal. It is a special figure that symbolizes Christmas. It has a cute red hat. For the period of Christmas Holidays this Tió de Nadal becomes a real kids’ friend. They bring him water and take to bed. This ways, they believe he will not get cold.
  • In Germany there is a very noble Christmas tradition. It says that during festive times the adults have to give gifts to any child who comes into the house. This tradition, definitely, makes the atmosphere better. There is also one more funny tradition. It concerns a fir tree. It is decorated in the very special way. Pickles become organic part of New Year tree decoration.
  • In Iceland there is a very unusual custom. People believe in existence of a huge cat. He plays the role of a gifts bringer. For good people he brings new cloths. Those, who did not behave well, will have a truly bad punishment. They will be eaten by the mysterious cat. This is a modern belief that goes back to folklore.
  • In Austria it is believed that Santa Claus is not the only patron of the New Year. There are many strange creatures who come to life during December. Ones of such are Evils. They are called in German Krampus. The figure of Krampus is so important in Austria that there are the parades, where Krampus figures with scary faces go along the streets. These creatures have their tasks to fulfill. They carefully look for naughty kids who are on the streets during the night. So, during festive times kids prefer to stay at home.

These are peculiar and interesting winter traditions. They are amazing. Customs are based on belief of people in supernatural and miracles. Customs fulfill our hearts with kindness during cold festive season.

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